Arrow star Stephen Amell won’t rule out Batman, Green Lantern in the future

ArrowCould Arrowor another show in its universe, ever feature a version of Batman or Green Lantern? At the moment, Stephen Amell won’t rule it out.

Speaking to fans recently in an impromptu Q&A session, Amell had a pretty simple reaction to the idea: “Never say never.” Is that entirely revolutionary? Not exactly, mostly because Arrow has gone off in a number of surprising directions already. Just remember that this is a series that has already spawned time-travel, Beebo, The Atom, Batwoman, Nazis versions of its established characters on other worlds, and so much more. Basically, crazier things have happened already.

The only reason we think that Arrow and the extended universe haven’t touched on these characters more at this point are studio demands — we know that DC Comics have been very protective of many of their most-popular heroes, given that we have seen them put the kibosh on Harley Quinn and also limit the number of appearances that we’ve seen of Deathstroke over the past year or so. With this said, we do also think it’s a good thing that Arrow or another show couldn’t feature Batman early on — there’s already Gotham out there, and we also don’t want some super-famous hero to overshadow some of the other people we’ve come to know and love.

Yet, we do think there’s a legitimate reason to do more with Green Lantern given that the character doesn’t have any concrete movie plans at this point (there have been varying projects in development here and there); also, we think he probably survives better on TV, but even then it’s hard to say that the show will be able to escape the shadow of the Ryan Reynolds movie. We hate to say it, but that project may have taken the character away, more or less, for a whole generation.

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Do you want to see Batman or Green Lantern turn up in the Arrowverse down the road, or are there enough other characters around at the moment as is? Share in the attached comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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