Manifest episode 4 video: Was there a stowaway on flight 828?

Manifest season 1Manifest episode 4 is set to arrive on NBC in just over 24 hours; based on the earliest information we’ve got on the hour, brace yourself for something big. The network is promoting this episode as one with a big ‘bombshell,” but what could that particular surprise be?

Well, the promo itself does a good job of proposing a few different theories.

1. Is there a pattern among 828 passengers? – That’s something that Ben is going to be doing his part to figure out, while also crafting an impression of Carrie from Homeland with his obsessiveness over it.

2. Was the flight attendant somehow involved in the disappearance? – Due to some surprise flashes, this will be a primary theory for a number of different people who are out there. Even if she wasn’t directly involved, there is still a chance that she may know a little bit more than a number of other characters as to what really happened.

3. Was there a stowaway aboard the flight? – If this happened, you certainly have a good reason to think that they were responsible for most of the chaos. This is someone who didn’t want anyone to know that they were there, and with that, of course there are about a hundred or so different reasons why.

No matter what happens, expect Manifest episode 4 to move the mystery forward, something that NBC desperately needs for this new series. The longer the writers make viewers wait, the easier it will be for some to want to bail. They need to figure out a way to ensure that doesn’t happen, while also keeping the mystery mature and interesting. It’s a difficult line to tow, especially with the future of the series in the long-term still some sort of mystery. We do think it’s on the road to something more based on the first few weeks’ worth of ratings.

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