Blue Bloods season 9 episode 4 video: Tension between Jamie, Eddie

Blue Bloods season 9 episode 1Friday night will bring you Blue Bloods season 9 episode 4, and with that, there will also apparently be another moment of conflict for Jamie and Eddie.

What is the source of it this time? Before getting too far into this, let’s kick things off with what happened on Friday night. Eddie decided that she was going go over to Jamie’s district, even though she originally did not want to do so. She sees it as both a responsibility now and something that she really wants to do.

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So where will some of the tension be coming from here? It may be, in part, due to a decision involving Eddie being left out as bait in the middle of a case — one spawned in the middle of a blackout, which is a very dangerous time for both cops and everyday citizens. There are, after all, so many different things that can go terribly but also a handful of things that can go right. This is a difficult situation for anyone to be involved in; yet, the dynamics are different now in that Jamie really has final say here. He is the boss, after all, and while he may be inclined to listen to her, that does not mean that he will necessarily go along with just about every single thing that she says. Expect these two to butt heads often, but also remember that the writers took so much time working to get them together. It’s hard to envision a scenario now where they would actively work in order to bring them back apart after working so hard just to have them happy.

Basically, we’re preparing for compromise. This sort of thing is at the heart of almost every Blue Bloods.

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