Madam Secretary season 5 episode 2 video: A look at ‘The Chaos Game’

Madam SecretaryMadam Secretary season 5 episode 2 is coming onto CBS on Sunday night, and much of this story is about the aftermath of the White House attack.

Let’s kick things off here by refreshing things to where we were at the end of this past episode — Stevie could have very well died as a result of this attack, and that does put both Elizabeth and Henry in a rather-tricky spot moving forward. They do each acknowledge that it is hard for them to view this situation in a particularly-unbiased way, mostly because they are both aware of the personal connection they have to this incident.

In the first video below, you can see Russell putting some pressure on Henry to offer up some input on a potentially-dangerous individual, something that Henry is a little hesitant to do at first. Why? Let’s just say that it has a thing or two to do with getting mixed signals about what he is actually being asked to do, given that there are so many different things being fired at him. Yet, Henry is also the sort of person who will pass up an opportunity in order to help the country.

Meanwhile, the second sneak peek features a briefing involving Elizabeth and President Dalton, one that gives him more information when it comes to people related to the attack. It appears as though white supremacists may be involved here, as is someone from a far-right party located in Poland. There are a few different variables that the White House is going to have to examine as they figure out the right way to move forward here.

In the end, though, remember this: Elizabeth and Henry are not the sort of people who are going to just stand pat after an attack almost killed their daughter. They may be methodical, but over time they will figure out a way to get justice and bring in the people responsible.

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