Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 4: Five players to watch!

Survivor: David vs. GoliathGoing into Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 4, who are the people we expect to be movers and shakers? Who should you watch out for after the tribe swap? We’re back with another edition of our weekly feature, and this one’s all the more interesting because of the swap.

It’s rather unpredictable what could happen here, mostly because so much of the next three days of the game depend on where the numbers lie. What we’ve tried to figure out here are some of the people who are either the most powerful or the most vulnerable in this situation — basically, people who could find themselves in a little bit of trouble.

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Natalie – We really have to start with Natalie Napalm here, given that she is the person who almost went home on the Goliath tribe this past episode. If she gets an opportunity to flip after the tribe swap and get with people who want to work with her, will she? It’s probably an intriguing idea, but flipping this early in the game may not be the best overall move.

Davie and Dan – We know that we’re cheating slightly since we’re lumping them together, but they’re interesting for the same reason given that the two have immunity idols. They have the greatest power to enact change at their new camps and depending on the nature of the tribe swap (take, for example, the game adding in a third tribe), this could be all the more important.

Angelina – She pushed hard to get rid of Jeremy, at least based on the edit with saw. She got what she wanted, and she has a lot of strategic influence in the game right now. Yet, she may need to dip back under the radar now to avoid having the label of shot-caller in the game.

Gabby – She was the target over at the old David tribe after the Jessica vote, so will that follow her after the swap; or, will she be able to find some new numbers and really shake up the game in her favor? She may be underestimated out there…

Christian – To us, the other people on this list are obvious. With Christian, we’re just most interested in seeing how he handles this since he seems to be in better standing than almost anyone in the game. He’s well-liked, performs well in puzzles, and seems to understand the game well.

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Who are you the most interested in as we approach Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 4? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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