Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 4 review: Meredith’s blind date; Maggie’s reveal

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 4
Tonight, Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 4 brought us a story that was about, at least in part, the value of honesty.

For Meredith, that meant learning the valuable truth about someone before she was emotionally invested. Tonight, she had a chance to go on a blind date with John (Josh Radnor), a successful guy in the tech world and someone who was so dedicated to his job, like her, that it led to him staying single. For most of the episode, Josh seemed like almost the perfect guy, but then he said “the thing” — he doesn’t like kids. Once Meredith heard that, she made the decision to leave, he respected it, and that’s the end of that.

Is John judgmental? Absolutely, but at least Meredith was able to realize this shortly and he was blunt enough to say it before there was any larger damage.

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For Maggie, she spent most of this episode trying to convince the husband of a patient to tell his son the truth, mostly because hiding it was only going to cause more trauma down the line. Kids aren’t stupid, so when DeLuca accidentally told him the truth, the kid took off and this may be something that everyone may be forced to deal with at some point down the line.

Maggie also found herself being honest, and also violating doctor-patient confidentiality, when she decided that she was going to tell Meredith the truth about Teddy. This was a reveal that this season needed, largely because otherwise, we were taking far too long to get to anything relevant with Teddy. The writers weren’t all that quick to force that reveal into the series, for better or for worse; yet, if they waited longer we would have almost forgotten that she was a part of the series in the field place. (Maggie also was hit on by Dean tonight in a small, but totally random, Station 19 crossover that felt like forced-in promotion more than anything else.)

Finally, tonight showed us that with the right patient, rebel chief Alex could actually be a good thing. Tonight, he intentionally stabbed a patient so that he could get him under the knife for an operation. This allowed him to operate in a way where insurance would pay for it, which helped actually save the guy’s life. Was it unethical and could lead to Alex losing his license? It seems that way, but for now, this is really no harm, no foul.

CarterMatt Verdict

There was no Jackson tonight (again), and we do still wonder where the writers are going with Owen and Amelia’s family storyline — entertaining as it is to see them in this context. Overall, though, Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 4 was a chance to take an entertaining romp into the world of some of these characters as they have to figure out what they want next … in the most honest fashion possible.

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