‘Shiptober 2018: One Chicago (Brett / Antonio) vs. Outlander (Roger / Bree)

Mrs. Carter: We’re now in the thick of October, and that means that another year of ‘Shiptober is upon us!

It’s a chance to celebrate some of the greatest ‘ships that the TV has to offer, and we’ve got a fun tournament this year to go along with it. Over the course of this month, we’ll be running some ‘Shiptober polls while also discussing what makes some of these couples so great and also sharing some teases / expectations for upcoming episodes! This is a chance to celebrate and discuss great ‘ships while gauging their popularity among readers at the same time. Only one ‘ship will be crowned the victor at the very end!

Voting Rules – Vote however often you like! Only one ‘ship will move on to the next round, and we are keeping these polls open until Friday, October 12 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. The following day, the second round will officially begin. (All of the information needed can be found in the bracket image above.)

In this ‘Shiptober battle, we’ve got a couple of interesting ‘ships for a couple of different reasons. In Brett & Antonio from One Chicago, we have the only crossover pairing on this list. Meanwhile, in Roger & Bree from Outlander, we have a pair whose best is still very much to come.

Brett & Antonio, One Chicago (#3 seed) – There is a reason why there are so few ‘ships that come from more than one show — it’s incredible difficult to pull it off! You have to arrange different schedules and find ways for the characters to interact. That’s probably why this ‘ship, which also goes by Brettonio, was never really devised to be as popular or as long-term as it has become. No one knew it would be such a sensation, but now there is a craving to get these Chicago Fire and Chicago PD characters together as much as possible. While there is a chance that the two could pair up again in the future, word via Kara Killmer is that there won’t be anything romantic between the two of them for at least the next several episodes. It’s possible Brett may find a new love instead.

Roger & Bree, Outlander (#6 seed) – For fans who do not read the Diana Gabaldon books, this pairing may still be a little bit under-the-radar. After all, most of the Starz series has been marketed as the epic love story of Jamie and Claire Fraser! Yet, that will change somewhat on the upcoming fourth season as Brianna and Roger start to spend more time together and embark on a journey that will certainly change the two of them in a wide array of ways. Their feelings for each other will grow, and beyond that, they will need to lean on each other more as they go through some extremely difficult times. The love story for Roger & Bree is close to being known by the masses.

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