Chicago Med season 4 episode 3 review: A hostage crisis; Ethan’s devastation

Chicago MedThere are a number of different ways in which to look at Chicago Med season 4 episode 3, but one of the biggest ones is this: The aftermath of doctors making risky decisions.

With Dr. Choi, he made a tough decision early on in the hour to let a father stick around the hospital to learn about his son’s care, even though there was a BOLO out on him for kidnapping and the police came in to arrest him. At first, it seemed as though he was compliant and didn’t want to cause a ruckus. However, that changed when the hospital wouldn’t allow him to do a kidney transplant and the boy’s health started to fail. That’s when he broke free, grabbed a gun, and eventually shot himself after demanding that his kidney be used for a transplant. The boy got the treatment that he needed, but all eyes were on Gwen after the fact for what she did to brings things to this point.

For Ethan, you could see him struggle with what happened in the aftermath. He wanted nothing more than to ensure that this father had a chance to be updated on his son’s health, but due to a number of different factors, things clearly went awry.

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Elsewhere, another important question revolved around whether or not a student doctor intentionally declared a fetus dead in order to ensure that there could be an operation done on her ailing mother. We learned before this that the mother was not altogether interested in having any operation due to her religious beliefs. You could see the young doc getting increasingly frustrated and with that, it was easy to determine precisely where this story could be going.

Dr. Charles was able to confront her on precisely what she did, but since he couldn’t prove it, there’s no punishment he can hand down … at least for now.

The other important story tonight revolved around Dr. Rhodes taking a huge risk operating in his unfinished ED — and then also taking a number of big swings along the way. He wasn’t keen to listen to Maggie and, beyond that, he didn’t want Dr. Bekker to scrub in midway through. After this, though, Connor wanted to bring Maggie on board to his ED full-time to assist him further … and he also did apologize to Ava for his behavior.

Will’s tough position

As it turns out, he got involved with a gangster in his hopes to secure a wedding hall — and if he pursues this further, there could be some trouble for him.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago Med season 4 episode 3 proved mostly to be a great example of how everything at a hospital can turn almost on a dime. There are many big decisions that can go a number of different ways and, as doctors, you have to be able to deal with the aftermath — even if you think you made a big mistake along the way.

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