Criminal Minds season 14 episode 3 review: Daniel Henney takes the spotlight

Criminal Minds season 14 episode 3We’ve had some pretty personal stories on Criminal Minds season 14 with the last one focusing on Rossi’s love life. Looks like he and Krystall have been rekindling their romance and it may be moving back towards something more serious! As much as we love to get a little romance on this show (it really doesn’t happen all that often), tonight’s episode is going to be shifting over to Daniel Henney’s character of Matt Simmons and some troubles he will be having at home with his son.

So what’s going on at home with Matt’s son David? Since the beginning of the school year he’s been having some trouble getting a long with other kids in class – so much so that he actually hit another kid! Matt and Kristy don’t really know a lot about what’s going on with David since he doesn’t want to open up and when a call comes in from the team, Matt suggests taking the day off so they can figure this situation out together. Kristy encourages him to go to work saying that they can figure this out together later – for now David’s grounded in his room.

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One of the things that we really love about Criminal Minds is that when something happens to a character, they don’t just move on like nothing happened and that’s the case here for Kristy. Last season she was held hostage and she is still in trauma therapy for it. She suggests that shifts in children’s behavior some times happen where there’s trouble at home and although there’s no trouble with Matt and Kristy as a couple, she feels that things changed for her after that experience. He reassures Kristy that this is not her fault and we are reminded again of how much Kristy and Matt are relationship goals – just a loving, encouraging couple, even in the darkest of times.

Really what’s going on is that one of the other classmates mother’s died in an accident and now David is scared after what happened to his own mother and his father being in a dangerous job. When one of the kids starts talking about how stupid cops shows are because the bad guys always shoot the cops in the bulletproof vests instead of in the head, David got scared for his parents and punched the kid. It’s not a normal occurrence and not something David is going to repeat – it’s just something they have to work through together to reassure him (as much as they can) that they are being as safe as they can be.

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The UnSub this week wasn’t the most exciting case we’ve seen on the show, but it did bring the focus on Rossi’s books and a discussion on if they do more harm then good? Writing about depraved people doing horrific things is helpful to other people understanding why and how this happens, but when the UnSub tonight reveals themselves to be a fan of his work it gives him a moment of pause. Luckily Reid and JJ are there to remind him that his books really do help a lot of people.

CarterMatt Verdict

Any episode that focuses on Matt is an episode that we can really sink our teeth into. He may be one of the newer members of this team, but he’s someone that we really enjoy watching and can related to. His family is his number one at all times, which is something that rings true in our lives as well and we think a lot of other viewers can see themselves in Matt and Kristy too. While they have a really strong relationship, it’s nice to see them dealing with situations that some viewers out there may have gone through themselves.

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