Supergirl season 4 trailer offers up more Agent Liberty, Mercy Graves

Supergirl season 3 episode 13The latest Supergirl season 4 trailer arrived via The CW on Wednesday, and we like to think that this one offered up many a great thing as to what’s coming.

Take, for starters, the emergency of some of the villains early on this season. Agent Liberty, played by Sam Witwer, is the biggest one. What we know about this particular character at the moment is that he is someone absolutely intent on causing chaos in a way that hurts aliens. He wants to eradicate them from the world, and he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty all for his own personal take on whatever liberty is. This is a dangerous character mostly in that he is a violent, political terrorist. His intention seems to be division and distrust, and he has no issue doing whatever he can in order to cultivate more of it.

Then, you’ve got Rhona Mitra’s Mercy Graves, a woman who has some sinister comic-book origins. While early indications do not suggest that she is not a major villain on the same level in the early going here, she will still make her presence felt.

With these villains, the question worth facing is largely the same one that we’ve faced for the better part of the last three years — are they powerful enough to stack up to Supergirl? One of the reasons why writing for this show must be so hard is because you’ve got an incredibly-powerful person at the lead who cannot be stopped using most ordinary methods. You have to figure out ways in which to make her vulnerable, and then beyond that ways in which to also test her on a psychological level.

One way or another, we will see what some of these tests are shortly. Supergirl season 4 will be premiering on The CW Sunday night and we will have a chance at that point to break it all down in terms of the story and the twists.

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