FBI episode 3 review: Is CBS’ new series still going strong?

FBI episode 3

FBI episode 3 on CBS in many ways kept things rather simple, at least when it comes to the premise. The title here is “Prey,” and over the course of the hour, we witnessed OA and Maggie work with a surviving witness in what was a horrific case of who seemed to be a serial killer. Following what transpired to eighteen young women, they had to figure out who was behind all of this.

As you would imagine, this was far from an easy task. It also proved to be pretty dangerous given that Maggie herself was injured during the story. She had to find a way to keep herself focused on the endgame, even if she was nursing some bumps and bruises along the way.

By the time Maggie got to interrogating the killer at the end of the episode, it actually started to feel a little bit more like an episode of Criminal Minds more so than one of this show. She did everything that she could to coerce information out of him by effectively saying every little thing that would trigger him emotionally. It took a little time, but it worked and her mission was successful. She managed to get him to react, and that reaction was enough to potentially convince a jury down the line.

Ultimately, Maggie got what she wanted — her mission was accomplished. Eventually, there were many women who had a chance to be recovered from shocking conditions, where they were crammed into a very tiny space. As it turns out, sex trafficking was just as much a part of this case as anything.

CarterMatt Verdict

FBI episode 3 proved itself yet again to be as intense and dramatic as they come — this is definitely a show within the Dick Wolf mode and it feels, basically from start to finish, like a signature show of his. What it does extremely well is bring you in to the nitty-gritty of this world, and show a wide array of the steps that are taken in order for Maggie and OA to get justice. It does also show the vast resources that the FBI has and also the sort of cases that they take on. While we do think certain elements of it are heightened for TV, it at least feels as accurate as a series like this on network television can.

Add to all of this two strong leads and some good supporting players (Jeremy Sisto was fantastic in his role this week), and it gives you a sense that FBI could last for a little while — even if it is basically a modified version of a show that you’ve had a chance to see on a number of occasions already. Let’s face it — this is far from the first super-dark, gritty crime procedural that we’ve seen over the years.

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