NCIS season 16 episode 4 review: Gibbs takes a vacation, Torres dances for Bishop

NCIS season 16 episode 4

If you thought that Vance’s troubles were over after finally moving on from his fears of returning to work then you are going to be disappointed. NCIS has introduced a terrifying new storyline for Vance that kicked off during his time in physical therapy. He met a woman there named Mallory who he was ready to throw some caution to the wind with and he asked her out. She said yes and we were excited for a Vance romance, but it turned out that she’s working with a partner who is doing some surveillance on him. Not only does she have pictures of him in his house, but now she is going to have a chance to get close to him, but for what purpose we don’t know yet. We love Rocky Carroll, so we aren’t going to complain that he’s getting a lot of meaty material this season, but Vance can’t just catch a break!

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Has Torres met a new woman?

Tonight, NCIS is bringing us more of what we love best from this show – Gibbs and Fornell! The comedy between these two is on another level and we still hope that we can get a Fornell PI spin off!

Gibbs never takes a vacation, but after being acting director in Vance’s absence he’s had enough and actually decided to take a vacation! At work that means music and dancing and for all of you Torres and Bishop shippers there was a nice moment there were Torres was dancing for Bishop and she was all smiles. The fun flirting between these two was derailed a bit when agent Isabel showed up from the FBI and started flirting with Torres asking him to show her around town. Is this going to be a thing?

Gibbs on vacation

On the other side of things Gibbs was hoping to get a break at his cabin, but his time alone was short lived. A friend of his (Phil) sold his house in a divorce and needed a place to crash so he invited himself up to the cabin. Add to that Fornell’s house is being bug bombed and decided to come up to the cabin too leaving both Phil and Fornell wondering which one of them is actually Gibbs’ best friend since neither one of them have heard of the other person before. Did we also mention that these two look incredibly similar? Clearly Gibbs has a type when it comes to his friends!

Phil and Fornell are jealous of each others friendship with Gibbs and watching them needle each other over who knows Gibbs better was so much fun to watch – especially since we can see that Gibbs really doesn’t want either of them there. When he gets word that there’s an escaped criminal up by his cabin, Gibbs uses that as a chance to escape Phil and Fornell, but they aren’t going to be pushed off that easily and gear up to go with him. when they finally catch up with the criminal, we saw Gibbs in action, which is something we don’t see all that often anymore on the show. Sure we see him say “grab your gear” and kick down a few doors, but we had more tumbling tonight. Now we’ve heard the people out there that are saying that Mark Harmon is “too old” to be believable as a field agent, but tonight was a nice reminder to everyone that Gibbs can still kick some you-know-what without a problem. Age is but a number.

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CarterMatt Verdict

It’s not often that we get an episode of NCIS where we were pretty much smiling ear to ear for the entire episode, but the Gibbs vacation storyline was beyond fun. We loved the back and forth between Phil and Fornell as they tried to proved to each other that they were Gibbs’ best friend. There’s a nice comedic chemistry between these three and with NCIS having some pretty dark elements sometimes, episodes like these are a fun departure from that.

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