Mayans MC episode 6 review: Stopped at the border

Mayans MCMayans MC episode 6 proved to be a heck of a pivotal episode for this show, at least when it came to the rebels perfectly orchestrating a setup on the Galindo cartel.

At the end of the episode, it was clear that even without Miguel and Emily’s baby in their possession, the cartel still got their revenge on the cartel for planting in that child mole earlier this season. First they had one of their own kids (a little girl!) shove the boy off of a rooftop. Then, they laced the blanket given to Miguel and his son with drugs. When he crossed the border, the drugs were found and it just so turns out that they now have a different way to torment him.

So far in this battle, it’s clear that Miguel is not winning — the emotional attachment that he has to his son is clearly being used against him and corrupting how he would think.

Is there still too much going on with this show? We do think you can say that given that you’ve got everything with Felipe and the DEA, EZ being a glorified babysitter for at least some of the hour, and then him having to go on a police-chase when he learned that the girl he was looking after actually stole the car she was riding around in. This was fun, but it remains to be seen just how far things are going to go with the Mayans trying to better figure out their position. Angel is clear that he wants more information if he’s going to work with the Rebels, and we’re not entirely sure that EZ is out on trying to flip Emily, even if there wasn’t a whole lot of movement on that front today. (The two were apart in this episode, and Emily spent her time more with Miguel trying to figure out their own next move.)

This episode succeeded in giving us a small sense of EZ’s past, learning a little bit more about what Felipe went through when he was a young father, and then also showing just how savvy the rebels are right now. We’re not sure, though, that we are any closer to resolving the situation at the border. As a matter of fact, it feels more likely than ever before if

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CarterMatt Verdict

Mayans MC episode 6 is all sorts of intense and while we think it is stuffed a little too much with story, it’s hard to argue against some of the most-notable moments including the border crisis at the end. We mostly just hope that there is an opportunity to really stop in and show some good friendship moments for the Mayans or at least for us to catch our breath.

What did you think about Mayans MC episode 6 overall? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments below. (Photo: FX.)

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