Magnum PI episode 3 review: Who is Hanna? Ken Jeong + more

Magnum PI episode 3
Tonight, Magnum PI episode 3 gave us a case that was about a mysterious woman in the present, but also Magnum in the past.

So who is Hannah? This was a woman who was introduced as a part of Thomas’ new case, as he did his best to learn the truth about a woman in a coma who, apparently, had facial reconstruction surgery in the past. There were many things buried in her history that many people, including her fiancé, did not know about.

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At one point in the episode, there were some suspicions that this woman was actually a murderer. Yet, the deeper Magnum dug, the more that he realized that she wasn’t actually a killer at all; she was still hiding, but for a completely different reason. It has to do in part with keeping her safe, but also keeping some other people close to her safe. The unfortunate thing here is that this woman is a criminal. She has done some rather terrible things, including take part in a robbery. It just turned out that her ex-boyfriend was the person capable of murder. He went and got her from the hospital after she woke up, and then quickly held her at gunpoint back at her family’s house.

Magnum needed some help in ensuring that this situation could be resolved; Higgins was at the house to help, and beyond that, Magnum teamed up with Detective Katsumoto (Tim Kang), a guy who wasn’t altogether excited to collaborate with Magnum a little bit earlier on in the episode. Their collaboration in the end seemed to be one based out of necessity and figuring out precisely how to get the innocent people out of the house in one piece.

The conclusion of this episode had just about everything that you could want in terms of a dramatic rooftop chase, one that eventually led to the bad guy getting taken out when he eventually ran out of roofs to jump across. (Hey, wasn’t that bound to happen eventually?)

CarterMatt Verdict

When it comes to mixing action with backstory, we do think that episode 3 delivered. The case itself felt straight out of a soap opera at times, and engaging as that was, it felt like the real win here was getting a chance to understand more of what Magnum has gone through.

For now, what we know about Hannah is this — she was at the center of some sort of betrayal in Magnum’s past, and she is someone who he still thinks about on some level. We certainly do want to understand more of who she is, but maybe that is a reveal that will come later this season.

It was almost nice to see Ken Jeong on the show as a money-hungry PI who wanted to take advantage of clients — after all, he was annoyed that Magnum solved the case so quickly and he didn’t get as much money as he could have.

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What did you think about Magnum PI episode 3 as a whole, and do you want to learn a little bit more about Hannah’s past? Be sure to share right away in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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