Manifest episode 3 video: Who is murdering Flight 828 members?

Manifest season 1As we’re leading into Manifest episode 3 airing on NBC Monday night, we do come bearing a number of questions. Most notably, we wonder whether or not the passengers of Flight 828 are going to find themselves killed off in a systematic fashion.

What happened to these people? That is the central mystery at the moment, and on the surface, the easy answer is that it feels like they were all victims of some sort of bizarre experiment that has changed their cellular makeup. We’ve seen many of them with special abilities and it’s certainly possible that whatever experiment they were a part of has officially gone awry. With that in mind, is the responsible party or parties out to murder many of them now?

The promo for episode 3 makes it clear that, in the aftermath of much of the chaos, Ben and Michaela are officially on edge. He warns her about in the promo below, and you also see a mystery person within the walls of Ben’s home. That leads to a confrontation, but that in turn leads to us thinking that this may not be exactly what it appears to be. Isn’t it possible that this mystery man is just the guy who got involved with Grace in the time in which Ben was gone? That feels like the easiest theory to devise right now.

As we start to move forward, we’re mostly interested in seeing Manifest find way to circumvent some expectations. We don’t want to see all of these characters hunted by some sort of serial killer. Yet, we also don’t need them to develop more and more abilities a la Heroes. Since we’re still somewhat in the Wild West when it comes to the show’s mythology, there are a few different things that the writers have to figure out — though we’re sure that they have behind the scenes already. One of the biggest ones is simply the series overall mythology and what the limits are to what flight 828 did to these people.

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What do you think is going to be coming up on Manifest episode 3 when it airs on NBC tonight? What sort of answers do you think we’re going to get? Share right now in the attached comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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