Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 episode 9 preview: Angelina vs. a cake

Jersey Shore Family VacationOn Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 episode 9 (airing on MTV Thursday night), things with Angelina are getting messy. As a matter of fact, we mean this in the most literal of senses.

In a new preview (which you can see now over at the link here, you are going to see a prank war between Angelina and Vinny escalate to the point where she pulls her pants down and put her butt right in the middle of the house dessert. Is this gross? Sure, but it is also really funny to see Mike freak out at the thought of some of his favorite food being ruined. (Then again, for Mike these days almost every food is his favorite food.)

This entire ordeal happens within the walls of the classic Jersey Shore house, which ironically, Angelina was barely in back during the very first season. She was around for a few days, then quit in what was probably one of the biggest mistakes of her life. If that didn’t happen, she could have been a larger part of this weird, crazy reality TV sensation. Yet, she’s getting this chance now, but what we’ve tended to learn over the years is that if you give Angelina an inch, she will make a mile out of it.

Below, the synopsis for Thursday’s episode offers up some more news as to what you can expect to see from here:

Things get messy between Vinny and Angelina, and the guidos enjoy a night in their old home.

Do we think that “messy” means anything more beyond what we’ve described in this preview already? Not really, though we know that Jersey Shore really loves to remind everyone of the time that Angelina and Vinny slept together back in Miami. It’s really one of the more notable moments from the entire history of the series.

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What do you think is going to be coming as a whole on Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 episode 9? Be sure to share right away in the attached comments right now. (Photo: MTV.)

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