Lodge 49 finale video: Is Ernie’s life falling apart?

With the Lodge 49 finale coming to AMC on Monday night, we’re excited to have a chance to preview some of what is coming up.

In the video below, you can see specifically some of what is happening when it comes to Ernie, but we cannot say that the news here is necessarily all that good. Basically, what we’ve got here is a case of a guy who got played, screwed over his fellow employees, and now finds himself getting phased out for a guy who is younger, good-looking, and hasn’t made any of the same mistakes.

It’s easy to see why Ernie found himself in a position where he could be taken in by Captain and his scheme — he was a charismatic guy with a great deal of business acumen. Beyond just that, Ernie is also desperate. This is a guy who has been intent to do almost everything that he can to get his life back together after blowing some of his money, and he thought this was a way to get ahead quickly. Like Dud, he’s fallen on some hard times and wanted to think that fate had brought him a way to turn things around.

Knowing that we now have a Lodge 49 season 2 renewal, we are rather happy to know that the finale story is not going to be the end of the road. Even if nothing good comes Ernie or Dud’s way, at least there’s still hope for the future. They just have to find a way to make some smarter decisions rather than putting themselves in a position where they get the rug pulled out from under them. When something is determined to be too good to be true, there’s typically a reason for that — it often is to good to be true. Hopefully, dealing with the Captain is a lesson learned for many of these characters.

What do you think is going to happen on the Lodge 49 finale on Monday? Let us know some of your thoughts right away in the attached comments!

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