God Friended Me interview: Violett Beane on what’s next with Cara, God account

Violett Beane

Episode 2 of God Friended Me is set to air on CBS this Sunday and with that potentially comes some great excitement. You’re going to get a chance to get to know many of these characters better in their pursuit of the God account, and that includes learning a few more things about Violett Beane’s own Cara.

In the premiere, we saw the character reunite with her mother, who had been living in New York City and seemingly started a new life for herself after leaving her many years before. We also saw her work alongside her new friend Miles (Brandon Michael Hall) after he started receiving messages from the aforementioned account.

So what’s next for these characters? In the second part of our interview with Violett Beane (read part 1 here), the actress details some of what lies ahead for her character and also others on the series.

CarterMatt – What lies ahead now for Cara and her mother now that they’ve met?

Violett Beane – Even though they’ve had a conversation now, so much time has passed and you’re going to see if it’s even possible [for them to get along] and if it is, how to develop a relationship when things were not left on a good note. You’re definitely going to see that relationship transform and also with Liv, her [other] daughter. You’re going to see whether or not they are going to be able to have a relationship.

So is this show going to balance out this personal stuff weekly with some other updates on the God account mystery?

Absolutely. We’re going to try to discover just who this God account is and we’ve been getting new clues every week. With Rakesh, [resolving the mystery is] about hacking — he sees this code and thinks ‘I can crack this code, I can figure this out.’ With Cara, she’s getting an amazing story every time [out of it] and she’s working her way up at work. With Miles, he’s intrigued because he’s an atheist. He can’t believe any of this is real. There are a lot of reasons why they are doing it but that’s kind of the breakdown of it.

Is there a particular episode or scene so far that you’re excited about?

There are a couple of group scenes that are going to be in the first couple of episodes. We have a huge amount of talented guest stars in every episode, and there are going to be some relationships developing.

What do you want to see coming up on God Friended Me moving forward this season? Share right away in the comments below! (Photo: CBS.)

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