The Last Ship season 5 episode 5 review: Where Chandler finds peace

Last Ship season 5 episode 1The Last Ship season 5 episode 5 is certainly one of the stranger ones we’ve seen through the series’ run so far.

At one point in the story, we saw some of the loudest sequences that the producers have ever handed our way; basically, a shootout sequence in the field transposed against Chandler struggling to contain himself back home. We haven’t seen all that much of his kids throughout the series, but that was really an intentional choice in some ways. It helped to further amplify his status as a distant father and someone his son and daughter really did not know or understand all that well.

Did they still love him? Sure, and he certainly loved them even more. Yet, it was also very clear that he was not really at home while at home. He was far more comfortable out in the field, taking out the bad guys and doing just about everything that he can to ensure that America is saved.

Tonight, we learned that Cuba was not strictly against America in the way in which Chandler once thought after last week’s betrayal. We learned, thanks to a reformed military strategist who really wants nothing more than peace at this point, that there are some within Cuba who aren’t willing to go along with Gustavo and his army’s agenda. With that, Chandler finding a way to secure that land may be essential for resolution of the war. They’ve got a valuable tip now that could help things turn the tide … provided that their new source can actually be trusted. With this case, it’s hard to know but these are people desperately seeking some sort of in and hope for the future.

By giving us footage of many of the characters away from the job, we got a better sense as to what everyone is fighting for, whether it be their families or other people that they love. Knowing that we’re bound to get a violent, action-packed series of episodes to close out the series, this was a nice time to get an update on all of this. With the closing scene of many of the different crew members back on duty chatting with each other, we got a better sense as to the family that also exists there. The Nathan James crew is in many ways its own family, and for better or worse, they know each other better than many of their friends and loved ones away from the job.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Last Ship season 5 episode 5 is a great example of a personal episode of what is often a show that likes to live more in the moment as opposed to play around with time and give you a multifaceted view of its characters’ lives. This was an experiment, but in the end, a rather interesting one.

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