Blue Bloods season 9: How long should Jamie, Eddie work apart?

Blue Bloods season 9 episode 1Mrs. Carter: It should be pretty clear at this point that Jamie and Eddie are one of the big driving forces of Blue Bloods… but how long could their relationship stay in its current form?

At the end of Friday’s new episode, we had a chance to learn that Eddie was not interested in joining Jamie at his new precinct. On the surface, that was surprising! Eddie clearly loves her former partner and would do everything that she can in order to spend some time with him — at least so long as it doesn’t compromise some other parts of her life. Eddie recognizes that her work as a cop is a huge part of who she is, and her decision to transfer over seems to be born out of a desire to keep something that is very much to herself. She doesn’t want to be treated differently by her fellow colleagues or by Jamie just because she is working under him.

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So how long can Blue Bloods really keep this current arrangement as it is? That’s the thing you are left to wonder given that so long as they are apart on the job, Jamie and Eddie cannot really work on cases together … or can they?

On the surface, I don’t expect to see as much of the two working side by side in uniform together, but I would not be surprised if they still crossed path on occasional investigations. It’s hardly unheard of that different police districts collaborate on certain cases. Meanwhile, it’s certainly possible Jamie eventually ends up being transferred back to his old district where Eddie already is. It’s one thing for her to not transfer from the district she is in, but it’s another for Jamie to return and for her to want to then leave her own district that she’s called home for some time.

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