Station 19 season 2 premiere review: Did someone die?

Station 19 episode 1Tonight, the Station 19 season 2 premiere review offered up resolution to the series’ big cliffhanger. There were reasons to be afraid for many people, but as we neared the end of the episode, we could not help but feel some element of prevailing hope.

After all, many of the characters we were the most worried about entering the episode, including Jack and Travis, actually managed to survive what happened. Granted, things were touch-and-go for a little while when it comes to Travis’ survival, but DeLuca over at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital said that there was potentially some good news on the other side of the surgery.

That proved to be true, as in the closing minutes of the episode, Travis found his way back to the station to greet some of his fellow firefighters. He will be back at the hospital at one week’s time, which just so happened to be conveniently the next new episode of the series.

As for Pruitt, there was a pretty strong possibility that we could see everyone other than him. That would be one of those cruel things that a Shonda Rhimes-produced show will often do! Luckily, that didn’t happen and by the flash-forward, his cancer was seemingly in remission and he was actually back around the station again. It’s not entirely clear if he will be permanently back, but it’s something that is certainly worth considering for the time being.

Now that everyone has survived, let’s shift the focus over to Captain Robert Sullivan. He is the new Captain, which means that neither Andy nor Jack got the job. Sullivan just so happens to be intense and a strict disciplinarian who is probably going to reduce the community vibe of the station and make things a little more by the book.

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CarterMatt Verdict

At this point, we’re glad that we did not lose anybody, but there are still some other issues to resolve beyond just the captainship. Take, for example, whether or not Andy and Ryan’s relationship can be patched up after it felt to her like he was constantly shielding her from danger or pain.

At least now we can breathe, and prepare more for what lies ahead.

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