Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 3 review: Karev’s first day in power

Alex Karev
Grey’s Anatomy 
season 14 episode 3 on ABC Thursday night proved to be a great one for many reasons, with Alex Karev being at the center of several of them.

Throughout this episode, we had an opportunity to bear witness to some rather-fascinating hijinks that stemmed from him running his first full day as the interim chief. Let’s just say that he may not have his full finger on the pulse of how a hospital operates. He approved almost everything put in front of him, struggled to find the right balance for handling various interns and attendings, and also rubbed Richard Webber the wrong way when Webber had a very-clear approach to how he wanted to handle a patient, a teacher who may have seriously injured a student in shop class when his blood-alcohol content spiked and he collapsed.

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By the end of this episode, it feels clear that Karev has some work to do to better handle his new position, but we rather like the comedy of him learning. (Yes, there is truth to the idea that Bailey may have just hired him so that she can feel better about her own accomplishments in the job.) Alex’s biggest move tonight was firing Roy, the intern who killed the patient who initially came in for a nosebleed.

As for what else transpired tonight, the big cliffhanger at present seems to be the state of one Jackson Avery, who was absent from the hospital for the majority of the episode after what happened in the premiere. He didn’t leave any explanation as to why beyond just an apparent interest in trying to find himself. While we don’t think that Jesse Williams is leaving (read more here), it is certainly still an interesting development to wonder a little bit about this character’s status. We are, after all, talking about a pretty beloved member of the Grey’s Anatomy team.

What’s happening when it comes to Meredith?

Remember that she is giving her new matchmaker a chance, but the problem here remains that it’s pretty darn hard to focus on getting help on a relationship while also being a doctor. Eventually, she was convinced to take her advice, take some chances, and get some new designs for herself. We’ll see if this ultimately works out for her, but at the moment, it’s pretty exciting to see her try.

CarterMatt Verdict

Maggie is worried about Jackson, the hierarchy at the hospital is changing, and we’re totally digging Chris Carmack as the Ortho God. While we do think that Grey’s Anatomy season 15 needs to work on finding great stories for all of its characters (what’s going on with Amelia romantically right now, given that Ortho God asked her out), we did thoroughly entertain most of what we saw Thursday night.

What did you think about Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 3 overall, and what are some of your present concerns with Jackson or with Alex? Share now below! (Photo: ABC.)

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