FBI episode 2 review: It all started with a salad…

FBI episode 2

FBI episode 2 entered the hour with a real predicament: Figuring out a way to be just as intense as the premiere. This is a show that needs a great case week in and week out in the event that it wants to stick around for another season.

Ultimately, we do think that episode 2 came out strong with a case that was all about poisoning in the name of terrorist, and it started with some salads at a local eatery that were designed to quickly kill patrons. Maggie and OA were able to lead the investigation and learned that much of it stemmed to a terrorist sector that was recruiting seemingly-normal Americans to become a part of the operation. This is something that had a pretty vast reach and also had some rather extensive plans … which of course led to everything that we saw at the end of the episode with the poisoning on a larger scale.

In the closing minutes, we saw Maggie and OA moving about the city, with some local law enforcement backing them up, in order to find the person who was ultimately responsible in a direct way for some of what was happening to the people in the city. Spotting possible suspects in the crowd is not often easy, but they were able to pull this off in a slow, methodical method.

We should really point out that FBI really likes to be slow and methodical with its pacing; to go along with that, it also tends to be realistic. There was only one super-violent shootout sequence at the end of the episode, and that’s when OA decided to but the bad guy down rather than allow him to stab a woman he was holding hostage.

CarterMatt Verdict

FBI is pretty much one of the purest procedural shows out there, at least when it comes to delivering a story that really stands on its own. It doesn’t concern itself with trying to tell you a whole lot more in terms of personal stories, but we did appreciate getting a little bit of a better understanding of OA’s faith and also the reputation that Maggie has — plus, her determination. She’s willing to take a few risks for the sake of moving quickly on a case and getting answers.

We think that if you really get into FBI, what you’re going to see virtually week in and week out here is an intense, story-of-the-week based crime thriller with a lot of danger. It has a small cast, but it expands that cast outward to give you some interesting drama and a wide array of different twists and turns. Let’s just hope that the show can keep this up, since this could prove itself to be a great go-to crime series for those who just want to settle in and see a good case every week without a whole lot of context.

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