NCIS season 16 episode 2 review: Why did Torres, Palmer get arrested?

NCIS season 16 episode 2
Going into tonight’s NCIS season 16 episode 2, we knew that Palmer and Torres were getting themselves into some trouble. Yet, we didn’t quite think that it was going to happen in the way that it did!

Basically, Torres and Palmer were told to take a little bit of break and with that, they decided to relax in a way in which Jimmy often does: By engaging in a little bit of impromptu art. They were harassed by a couple of other patrons (who acts like this at a painting workshop?), and soon after that Nick threatened to “take it outside” with these guys. From there, things went into an all-out brawl and the two guys got arrested.

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Suffice it to say, the aftereffects were pretty severe — Gibbs made him talk to Jack and since he refused to take it seriously, he sent him home while everyone else worked on the case. They had to figure out what happened that cause a Navy officer to be murdered in a bizarre neighborhood, one in which some of the neighbors were pointing fingers at each other. This was one of the stranger cases out there, especially since the dead body was initially found in a hot tub. This was not an easy case to put together given that every single person had a different story regarding events.

As the case went along, it started to look as though they were looking at the handiwork of a killer, someone who apparently stopped killing after undergoing a dramatic life change. It seemed briefly that one of the neighbors, a local dad and soccer enthusiast, may actually be the guilty party. He was cold, calculating, and he seemed to know how to much all of the right buttons in order to ensure that he could get away with them … or at least that’s what the team thought.

As it turns out, it wasn’t the husband who was responsible — it was the wife. She was the one who was collecting the teeth of many of her victims. She wasn’t altogether able to keep a soccer poker face and sooner after that, she gave herself up.

As for what’s going to happen with Torres and Palmer, we don’t think that Gibbs is going to punish them too much for what happened. The idiots at the workshop really had it coming. Nick turned up at Bishop’s place after the episode, the two had a conversation, and everything seems to be right in the world … at least once he opened up to her about what he was going through. He was suffering after the death of Reeves and wanted to find a way to recover from it.

CarterMatt Verdict

While NCIS season 16 episode 2 had a crazy case about a serial killer who found her way back to killing when her secret was found out, it was really just as much about Nick and the pain that he was suffering.

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