Elementary season 7 spoilers: How the move to London changes Sherlock

ElementaryElementary season 7 is going to be premiering on CBS at some point in the new year, and change is certainly on the menu. That is a byproduct of Sherlock Holmes moving to London, and also Joan Watson joining him. They are in a new city and with that, of course, comes different priorities.

For Sherlock, one of the priorities that seems to be diminishing for him is developing an interest in romance. Near the end of season 6, we saw him opening up and exploring his romantic life in a way that we really hadn’t since Irene Adler was in his life. Yet, the move is going to change that. Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, show executive producer Rob Doherty made it clear that Sherlock may be in stasis now when it comes to romance as he focuses on other things:

“It was something we wanted to explore, but then the way the bottom falls out for Sherlock and Joan in the finale, I think he had a lot of different plans on different fronts that had to go away, or at least have pins stuck in them … The move to London will change quite a bit for him.”

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We do personally want this to be something that gets explored again at some point before the show is over, mostly because Sherlock is a dynamic character and throwing him into romantic situations can prove to be rather interesting since he’s a pretty difficult man to be involved with. Yet, at the same time we don’t think that there really needs to be all that much of a hurry in it … at least in the earlier part of the season. We do think that a lot of this really just comes down to whether or not the series gets an eighth season after the one coming up. If they do, then there’s less of a reason to worry about throwing in romance right now and they can build towards something organically.

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