The Last Ship season 5 episode 4 review: A death and a betrayal

Last Ship season 5 posterThere’s no denying that when it comes to a massive, earth-shattering event, The Last Ship season 5 episode 1 delivered the biggest one we’ve seen this month.

Yet, when it comes to personal tragedies and emotional moments, tonight’s episode may be right up there given that we lost a major character in the midst of a major betrayal and revenge plot that was in the works for a rather long time. While Alisha Granderson thought that she had everything, including a healthy relationship, it just so turns out that she really didn’t have much of anything at all. Kelsey was never on her side; she was setting her up for a fall, and that included a hack on her personal ID card that led to so much chaos and destruction. She was all a part of a larger plan, and soon after Alisha realized the truth, Kelsey ended up stabbing her in the midst of a struggle.

Will she survive? At the moment, it doesn’t look good, but that is not the only issue that the Nathan James crew seems to be suffering from at the moment. There’s also an issue still when it comes to the battle at sea. It felt last week as though the Nathan James and his new-found allies had figured out a way to better secure their safety in the battle against Gustavo. Unfortunately, tonight the team found themselves in the midst of a great deal of danger. The crew, Mexico, and Cuba were all seemingly in a precarious position doing battle against some dangerous ships. Mexico found themselves in some dire trouble and soon after that, questions arose regarding Cuba’s own whereabouts.

Then, the unthinkable seemed to happen — Fuentes and the crew from Cuba ended up betraying the James. All of a sudden, it feels like the United States are completely surrounded given that Mexico is in huge danger. If they completely fall, there aren’t any allies left. The James did manage to strike a battleship, but in the end, that may not be enough in order for everyone to be safe in the end.

CarterMatt Verdict

If you enjoy good military warfare, we do think that the episode of The Last Ship tonight brought it. This proved itself to be one of the strongest, most-dramatic hours that we’ve had a chance to see virtually from start to finish. The betrayal with Alisha and Kelsey at the end of the episode could end up being one that sticks with you for quite some time.

We just hope that Chandler and the James have another Hail Mary play, given that they are probably going to need it based on some of what we saw on the show tonight.

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