Ink Master season 11 episode 6 video: A tag team elimination tattoo

Ink MasterWhat’s coming up on Ink Master season 11 episode 6? We’re gearing up for a different sort of elimination tattoo than you’ve seen this season.

Basically, this upcoming episode is going to not contain a flash challenge; instead, the artists are going to have to work in a tag-team format. The teams are going to create an epic battle scene, and how they come about tattooing it is difficult. Basically, there are only two canvases, and each team is going to be working in increments to tattoo the design. Everyone will have to take a turn.

The challenges that come along with this sort of thing are fairly endless, mostly due to the fact that you need to come up with a cohesive design, and then also make it a design that almost everyone can do. That’s a problem since every team has their own specialty, and then you’ve also got artists who are clearly established as weak links. Stacy on Team Cleen was identified as one — heck, she even identifies herself as one.

Suffice it to say, there’s going to be a lot of drama that happens within this episode — not everyone will get along, there will be epic disagreements, and inevitably some artists are going to struggle with this more than others. Sometimes, you can be a great tattooer and just not work well with other people. Yet, that’s become more and more of a key cog in being a great Ink Master contestant over the years. Also, the theme for this week is adaptability, and that says a lot in terms of why we’re getting this challenge in the first place.

While tag-team challenges are not necessarily our favorite when it comes to Ink Master entertainment, there is probably a lot to like here.

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