Blue Bloods season 9 premiere review: Who was promoted to Sergeant?

Blue Bloods season 9

Tonight, the Blue Bloods season 9 premiere made it clear that it was going to be balancing a lot of story from the get-go. At the heart of much of it, though, was the carryover from the Jamie / Eddie engagement at the end of last season.

For Frank, he had to figure out whether or not he was okay with the two of them being together out in the field — and, to go along with it, whether or not to make it a rule for them to be apart. He took advice from a number of different people (including Baker!), and to go along with that, he also had a conversation with Jamie, who remained defiant over the idea of splitting from his fiancee.

As for Danny tonight, we saw tonight a face-off between himself and Louis Delgado, a part of the local Mexican mafia and a man who effectively is responsible for burning down Danny’s house at the end of season 7. He even admitted to it right in front of Danny’s face. However, the big problem here was that he couldn’t get him arrested since he was the only person who heard said confession. Erin wouldn’t prosecute him and, because of that, he was allowed to go free.

Everything tonight came to a head at family dinner, where Eddie effectively got a crash course in just how dramatic things can be. Everyone argued about everything from the Delgado case to Jamie and Eddie’s relationship; at the end of it, Danny got called away by Delgado and, to go along with it, Eddie was concerned about whether or not they should ride together.

Here was the surprising thing when it comes to Danny — when he had a chance to arrest Delgado later, he didn’t want to do it. Why? He realized that in some ways, having him out on the street was a little bit more beneficial to him when it comes to information. He may have also realized that being out there on the street was a fate worse than prison … which led to his execution on the street. Delgado is now dead, which is a rather big bummer given that we love Lou Diamond Phillips.

CarterMatt Verdict

It’s a thrill that Blue Bloods is back, and that there is some progress made in the lives of many characters. For example, Erin now has a promotion, and, to go along with it, Jamie ended up excelling in the Sergeant’s exam … which we didn’t even know in advance of tonight. Jamie is the new Sergeant! The bad news is that he and Eddie aren’t riding together anymore … and we are a little worried about what that means in terms of how much we will see her.

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