Hawaii Five-0 season 9 premiere review: Did the ‘Cocoon’ remake work?

CocoonThe Hawaii Five-0 season 9 premiere kicked off with a pretty clear reminder that this were going to get crazy — and terrifying. McGarrett was in the sensory-deprivation tank, Wo Fat was there, and basically, we’re going to have nightmares on that more or less all weekend.

Before we get back to that tank, we do need to go back in time to focus on some of what was happening with McGarrett leading up to it. After learning that he has some of Kamekona’s breakfast money buried in his own yard, he was sent to work on a new crime regarding Hennessy, a dead operative whose final fate was shrouded in mystery. This wasn’t just a case that the Five-0 was involved in, though; many of the CIA were involved, and this led to McGarrett’s ex Greer (Rochelle Aytes) becoming involved. Steve was coy about his history with her, but she was someone potentially he could in order to get information on a secret ring within the agency. There was a mole within there who seemed to be mostly responsible for a great deal of this chaos.

There was one other clue that Steve found about an underground operation: Cocoon. This, as it turns out, was a sensory-deprivation tank that was being used by the bad guys to get counter-intelligence. Is there such a thing as brain-washing and mind control? That’s what the team had to figure out.

Well, this brings us back now to the focus that was here at the start of the episode, and the creepy sequence of McGarrett preparing to enter the tank after being intentionally captured. This is where things got complicated, as it turned out that Greer was also present. Was she the mole or a double agent? We found ourselves wondering both as this episode went along and the intensity mounted. McGarrett found himself starting to hallucinate in the tank, which is why when he was eventually removed, he ended up seeing his archenemy Wo Fat there.

Of course, the question that goes along with this is whether or not the “brain-washing” was actually successful. It seemed that way at first.

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Eventually, Greer did call some of the other bad guys there to commence an epic shootout (we’re assuming she’s bad — at least for now). It’s a good thing that Five-0 and the HPD are trained with this given that this was intense. Also, it turned out that McGarrett wasn’t too messed up from his time in the tank. He was okay enough to start fighting people off and then get into quite the brawl in the tank itself.

Did Tani tell Steve about Adam?

She found a possible murder weapon at his house in the finale, and early on in the premiere, she told Junior that she hadn’t passed the message along as of yet. This is clearly something that is going to linger and stick with her, but there wasn’t a lot of time to deal with it tonight.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Basically, this was an awesome re-imagining of the original “Cocoon” pilot from 50 years ago, one with a very cool set for the tank and a lot of drama. We do think that this could’ve easily been a two-hour episode since there was a lot of content crammed in here. Also, one of the funniest lines of the night was Steve telling Danny he’s known him for “50 years” — a great nod to the original show.

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