MacGyver season 3 premiere review: Did Mac return, and who’s back?

MacGyver season 3 premiereMoving into the MacGyver season 3 premiere, it was clear that Mac was in a very different place than he was for much of season 2. After all, he was overseas in Africa, separate from the rest of the team and sporting a rather-incredible beard in the process.

Yet, he wasn’t stuck there for long in the opening minutes of the premiere before his father Oversight turned up. Why? Jack Dalton was in danger — he was struggling following the departure of his friend and eventually, he fell off the map. As it turns out, Jack was in danger and that required Mac to shave the beard, get back to doing what he does best, and try to ensure that his friend was rescued from the very-dangerous people he was with.

When Mac did reunite with much of the team, it was clear that he was missed — Bozer and Riley weren’t getting out in the field, there was no person who could really take Mac’s place, and really, the person who seemed to be thriving the most was Jill given that she was leading a task force to find Murdoc. We’ll revisit that in a moment.

We know that if you’re watching MacGyver, one of the reasons that you’re probably doing so is for the awesome action sequences. Luckily, there were many of those tonight in between Jack being stuck in an about-to-explode car, a skydiving sequence, and of course your standard fistfights. When Mac and Jack reunited there was a spring in Jack’s step again and that was welcome to see.

Of course, there wasn’t really any doubt that the heroes would make it out of here alive, but we don’t really think that is a surprise. What was a surprise was learning why Jack went somewhat off the grid in the first place: He was trying to do what he could in order to stop Walsh, get Oversight to retire, and then get Mac to come back. He got roped into another scheme before finding Walsh, but eventually, he concocted a scheme in order to figure out how to get Mac back on board … and he succeeded! (Granted, for a time Oversight thought Mac may have flipped.)

The result of the mission

Matty made it clear to Oversight that he may need to step aside in order to ensure that Mac eventually comes back. After the mission, Mac was ready to head back to Nigeria when at the airport, Mac was handed a mysterious box with a phone inside. What was on that phone was a Los Angeles number, which he called … and which led him to Jill. What he didn’t realize was that Murdoc was in the backseat of her car, and we’re all of a sudden very worried that she is no longer among the living.

Also, we’re not quite sure Mac can leave anymore…

CarterMatt Verdict

The premiere had action, drama, and of course a lot of humor. Beyond all of that, it was a nice refresher on the MacGyver we love. We’re more than happy that the show is now back, and we’re also very anxious because of that cliffhanger.

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