Big Brother: Ranking the ten most-recent seasons — including season 20

Big brother 20What are the best Big Brother seasons from the past ten? That’s the focus of this article! We’ve come up with a ranking based on everything from gameplay to casting to our overall enjoyment of the story that was told.

For those wondering, the reason we’re focusing on the past ten seasons is because these are the ten that we covered professionally and we know inside and out. It’s harder to include the earlier seasons when we either didn’t watch them when they first came out our viewed them through a different lens.

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10. Big Brother 15 – A massive controversy about racist remarks, plus a number of unlikable players (we did really like Helen), makes this season one we just like to forget about in general.

9. Big Brother 19 – It was negative, the fan base turned toxic, and Paul’s dominance for most of the game made things very much boring.

8. Big Brother 18 – The returning players didn’t really bring much value, save for maybe Da’Vonne. Yet, Nicole did play a pretty-solid game and some of the drama post-jury at least make this the better of Paul’s two seasons.

7. Big Brother 13 – There were some moments where this was a good season, but it felt constantly like the veterans were in control and there weren’t enough good personalities among the newbies. There was some comedy at least out of how terrible the regulators were.

6. Big Brother 12 – This is the season that gifted us Britney Haynes, and did also have some other interesting stuff in between the Diamond Power of Veto, Rachel Reilly’s first appearance, and ultimately the dominance of the Brigade.

5. Big Brother 16 – CBS loves this season, which we get in some ways because of the characters and the gameplay. Yet, admittedly we love it most for the wacky pre-game with Joey, Devin, Zach, and just all sorts of assorted chaos.

4. Big Brother 11 – The first season we started covering professionally, and it does have a special place in our heart because of this. There are also some memorable moments that make this season stand out in between “Technotronics,” the move Kevin helped make to get Russell and eventually Jeff out, and how devastated Lydia was over Jessie’s sudden eviction.

3. Big Brother 20 – This was, by all accounts, a really good season with some likable players and an excellent pre-jury phase. The past month or so did get boring, but we do think this was a nice recovery for the show after some off months.

2. Big Brother 17 – We really like this season! It had a lot of funny moments, the twin twist, great characters like Vanessa and Johnny Mac, great blindsides (Austin), and ultimately, just a lot of people we liked and not a ton of negativity.

1. Big Brother 14 – For us, the pinnacle of the semi-modern Big Brother seasons. You had Dan, Janelle, Boogie, and Britney in the same season plus a number of memorable moves (Dan’s funeral, Shane’s eviction), a dramatic final two, and even a number of just really funny moments.

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