Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 2 review: Who’s the new Interim Chief?

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 2Tonight, Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 2 gave you an episode that was almost as fun as the first. Yet, there was some drama that had to be addressed here. Take, for example, Meredith’s matchmaker finding her life on the line. Meanwhile, Owen also had to figure out if he had a real future with Amelia. Hooking up with her had its benefits for the two of them, but he’s made it clear for a while now that he wants something more than that. He wants to have a real way to actually move forward and find some happiness that lasts.

For now, we don’t think that there is any clear sense as to what’s going to happen with Owen and Amelia — they may want to be together on some level, but there are so many things that they have to figure out still. One of the biggest issues is what they don’t know about just yet: Teddy’s pregnancy. We feel like that is something that will be taken on in the future, but it didn’t happen tonight.

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At least for one other couple, it feels like we’re seeing them start to be on the same page: Jackson and Maggie. He was able to calm her down after it sounded in the first hour like he was proposing. They’re on the same level now, but the near-death experience that they suffered in the premiere seems to be leaving a mark on him … and he’s starting to have more faith in things that he cannot explain.

As for one of the bigger medical revelations that we saw in this episode, there was a chance to learn the identity of the new Interim Chief — Alex. How in the world did that come about? Bailey wanted to do something different, and that was fund and help lead a new fellowship using some of Jo’s research that she’d come up with on her honeymoon. That meant that Alex took her place, much to the chagrin of Meredith — who in many ways wanted that job and beyond that, wanted to continue working with Jo.

At least in the end Meredith’s matchmaker survived — and she has officially determined that she wants to work with her on finding someone!

CarterMatt Verdict

This Grey’s Anatomy episode was a heck of a lot of fun at times, but it really did keep the season of love theme alive in a number of different ways. Not every relationship is in a great spot coming out of the premiere, but we do at least like that we’re seeing a lot of conversations happening.

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