Mayans MC episode 4 review: Who is Ignacio Cortina?

Mayans MC episode 4Tonight on Mayans MC episode 4, we got some more opportunities to learn about power struggles — and, at the same time to see one of the most horrific spectacles on the show to date.

The end of the episode turned a celebratory feast scene into a really dark one where Emily was basically trampled in the midst of what was actually an operation to turn the tables on the rebels and paint them out to be monsters. It did happen, but we’re not sure she expected it to happen anywhere close to what we saw. This was a pretty horrifying end because of that; she is in this life, but clearly it is not the same life in which she fathomed going in.

The violent scene at the end of the episode is meant to stick with you, and it may also serve another purpose here: Working to extract Emily from the Galindo cartel world. Her kid is still out there, she’s seen the violence in Galindo’s world, and we now know that Jimenez wants to try and flip her. She’s one of the most important people that they could get, and they know that — they also know that Felipe Reyes is a great person to influence EP to make the flip.

So why would Felipe want to convince his kids of basically anything? Let’s put it this way: They know that Felipe is not who he says he is. We learned at the end of the episode that his real name is Ignacio Cortina, and he basically recreated his entire life decades before. This is the version of himself that he wants his kids to see, and with that in mind, we imagine that this is a secret that he is desperate to keep. This more than likely complicates things — yet, in general, this is a complicated world already since there are so many forces at the border with different priorities. Tonight, we learned a little bit more about local politics in the area, the role of local law enforcement, and even their own personal ties with the Mayans and the Galindo cartel. The Mayor is trying to keep the most people safe possible, but that’s not exactly easy.

Also, tonight we saw more of another group in Alice and her group, who may very well be a band of racist, homophobic people who live at a compound — and one of them also has a history in prison with EZ. Bishop and the Mayans paid her a visit in order to get some more information on a recent death, which may be tied in some way to drug-running that is going down at the border. They aren’t altogether interested in cooperating with the Mayans, but you have to think this is going to come back to bite these characters later.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do think that there are two major takeaways from the episode tonight: Felipe’s real name and then also the violent scene at the end. The Mayans continue to find themselves at the center of many different groups, and at a certain point their agenda may be so complicated that they don’t have one at all.

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