Ink Master season 11 episode 5 review: A butt tattoo debate

Ink Master season 11 episode 5What is a butt tattoo really? Going into Ink Master season 11 episode 5, this is not a question we really imagined ourselves asking. Yet, here we are, wondering that very thing given that some of the artists took some flack for not doing tattoos directly on somebody’s rear end.

With this being said, can you really blame them for scooting away from the butt itself? Who really wants to tattoo there? It’s not only awkward, but it’s a hard surface to work on and it’s extremely painful. For us, we feel that if the challenge is to do a butt tattoo then everyone who did a hip tattoo instead should be in the bottom for not fulfilling the challenge requirements.

Yet, we don’t think that JP went home tonight because he didn’t put a butt tattoo directly on the butt. Instead, it just had to do more with some technical application issues — and also probably his cumulative work across the entire competition to date. JP was one of those contestants who had some close calls before and because of that, he has been on borrowed time for a while. Sooner or later, the judges were going to get rid of him and it just so happened to be this week.

From an entertainment standpoint, losing JP at this point doesn’t deliver a lot of drama. Yet, at the same time it was bound to happen eventually. The show may as well have gotten it out of the way now. He does seem like a super-nice guy, though, and we like how Christian and his team came to respect him despite a tough time in the early going.

Which team is really the strongest?

That’s something we still find ourselves wondering at the moment, but through five episodes we’d argue that Angel Rose, Tiffer Wright, and Tony Medellin may be the three most consistent artists. That doesn’t mean anything in the long-term, but two of these three artists are on Team Cleen. For now, Cleen Rock One has to feel good about the top end of his team, though he does have some serious issues with the bottom part of it. Stacy, for example, is doing what she can to stick around, but she pretty much changed everything that the canvas originally wanted because it was something she knew better. That’s something that didn’t sit well with members of Team Christian and they can target her in the future.

CarterMatt Verdict

Despite the first real predictable elimination of the season, we did still find Ink Master season 11 episode 5 to be fairly entertaining from start to finish. It did deliver a good bit of drama and beyond that, offered up some really interesting flash challenge regarding tape.

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