Lodge 49 episode 8 review: There’s something about Gary

Lodge 49 episode 5Tonight, Lodge 49 episode 8 gave us a story that was largely about personal growth — though it’s not entirely clear if that growth will actually turn out to be fruitful for many of these characters.

When it comes to Dud, he thinks that he has found some success for himself thanks to a deal set up by Gary a.k.a. the Captain, a man who wants to join the Lodge — but also a guy who is apparently a notorious con man. As it turns out, the Orbis project is all largely a scam. There’s toxic land underneath the site and basically the Captain wants to use that in order to scare other buyers away. From there, he can swoop in and capitalize on some of its real value: Oil. He’s gotten Ernie and Dud on board the idea with this argument that this is something that will strengthen their friendship — and that he’s so rich that he doesn’t even need to worry about them fronting a ton of cash to get things going.

The Captain is played by Bruce Campbell, who brings everything to this role that you would want — he’s innately charismatic, but also still enigmatic and weird. Take, for example, him living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere … or taking Ernie and Dud cock-fighting.

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Apparently, Ernie and Dud seem to be all-in on some of this guy’s schemes, but there is certainly a reason to suspect that this is all too good to be true. Nothing ever seems to be this easy. Also, Gary’s been caught in a lie already and he may be lying to get out of it. We just think that Ernie and Dud are so desperate that they’re the perfect suckers. They just don’t have a ton of cash, and that’s what makes it a little strange that Gary would scam them — if that’s what he is doing.

As for Liz, she took a leap forward up the corporate ladder by attending a retreat tonight, one that feels an awful lot like its own Lodge with its weird traditions, reading material, and exercises. It’s also led by Chuck alum Vik Sahay, which is always a reason to get us excited. Liz did excel in this venue thanks mostly to her honesty, but given her own lack of corporate experience it’s easy to envision this all crashing down.

CarterMatt Verdict

Lodge 49 episode 8 is one of the strangest episodes to date, and we say that knowing that it’s a very strange show. You could argue that there are too many threads right now in between Dud and the Captain, Ernie’s relationship with Connie, what’s happening with Liz, and the representative from London back at the Lodge, but given that so many of them are entertaining, we really don’t mind all that much. This is still a weird-but-wonderful journey through the lives of these characters.

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