Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: Tie-dye and chit-chat (day 96, evening)

Big brother 20Tonight’s Big Brother 20 update is one that gives you a sense of what’s been going on in the house tonight … but there hasn’t really been much. It’s a fairly quiet night and we’re honestly not altogether surprised about that.

Basically, what we’ve seen tonight can be described as this: The houseguests making tie-dye shirts, talking a good deal about their future outside of the house, and then also working to figure out a little bit more in terms of how popular they may or may not be on the outside. There was a little bit of showmance, but not a whole lot of strategy talk at all. They moved some chairs into the dining / kitchen area, and at this point, everyone is just hanging out and enjoying one another’s company.

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We do think that we will see a little more in the way of houseguests reassuring each other when we get a little bit closer to the finale actually happening, but there’s no real reason for paranoia or anything of the like right now. There are still three days and nobody wants to make things too awkward early. That’s probably why there isn’t a whole lot of talk right now about exposing Level 6 to JC or making it clear that he probably isn’t going through to the final two — it’s a subject of conversation that can be had a little bit down the line. (We do think Angela will tell the jury about the final two deal that Tyler and Kaycee have had most of the game; with that, they will expect JC to be out in third place.)

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