Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 15 review: Jim’s magical beer recipe

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11 reviewTonight, Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 15 could have easily been an installment that was about bringing people together.

For Alicia and Charlie, most of this episode revolved around them learning if there was a way in which to help out most of the group. They decided to venture back from their trip towards Galveston to help, and along the way they ran into some surprising people: Martha, but then also at the same time John Dorie and also Victor Strand, who have been on their own for most of the past several episodes.

For Morgan, he found himself simply struggling to stay afloat given that he was trapped within a building surrounded by walkers … and also with a guy in Jim who was primed to turn into a walker. The big surprise he found was that just about everyone was around the building offering to help. That included everyone from June to Alicia to Strand, who were ready and willing to help. They were willing to become a family and they were willing to do everything that they could to help. Also, they found a fire truck … which we do think is a pretty valuable thing to have. The team on the ground rallied together around the truck, and with that, tried to figure out a way in which to get everyone out in one piece.

Morgan eventually did find a way to join many of his friends on the ground, and, in the end, the person who ended up being the hero was none other than Jim! He’s been irritating at times, but he realized that this was a chance to author his own fate and figure out how to go out on his own good … after handing down his beer recipe of course. What did Jim say when he whispered into the walkie-talkie? We really want to know, even if it does seem like it was some sort of ridiculous part of the beer recipe.

Anyway, Jim decided that the best way for him to die was him jumping off the building, which got enough attention from some of the local walkers that it offered many of them a prime opportunity to escape. They’d be so preoccupied trying to tear him apart that it would give them enough leeway to say a proper goodbye.

CarterMatt Verdict

There was also something ludicrous about Jim handing down a beer recipe in the midst of a desperate plan to save many of the characters. Yet, this was still an engaging episode with a pretty substantial tease for the finale coming up. After all, Martha somehow escaped and we have to think she’s still out there … and apparently, she also has found herself a zombie version of Jim.

Also, “he died so we can make his beer” has to be the ridiculous line of the night.

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