Kidding episode 4 preview: Jeff deals with the fallout, secrets, and more

Kidding trailerWant to get some more news when it comes to Kidding episode 4 and the story that is coming up? Let’s just say that Jeff’s secrets are going to come back.

One of the things that Jeff seems to be realizing is that there’s a part of him, psychologically, that likes not being labeled as a hero. He does appreciate that there is a world out there who does not think of him as a savior, of someone who helped them through a bad time. A part of that, of course, includes him actually not doing things that put him on a pedestal anywhere near as much. You may see that happen on a few different occasions on this upcoming episode, as he handles the fallout of sleeping with someone in a rather surprising way … and also him having a secret that he’s kept from Jill for a while. Given that they are not actually together anymore, you would think on the surface that this doesn’t matter all that much. Yet, things are a little bit different when it comes to financial matters, and this certainly seems to be fitting that bill.

Below, the Kidding episode 4 synopsis offers up some other details regarding what you can expect to see:

Jeff deals with a one-night stand. Jill learns that Jeff has been sending money to someone behind her back and confronts him.

We know that in some ways Kidding is a show about an unraveling, but we shouldn’t necessarily just think of this as one where nothing good comes out of a downfall. Maybe there’s something about Jeff completely falling off a cliff that ends up being good for him. For much of the series, there has been a struggle to differentiate between Jeff the man and then also his Mr. Pickles persona. This season may change that, even if the results are at times mixed.

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