Bodyguard episode 6 (finale) expectations: How can it end?

Bodyguard episode 2Are you ready for Bodyguard episode 6 to air on BBC One Sunday? We hope so, given that this is an episode meant to offer up some semblance of closure for Richard Madden and the rest of the cast.

Entering the finale, we know what the stakes are — there’s a larger government conspiracy that needs to be unearthed, one that seemed to set up David Budd and has already claimed the life of one Julia Montague. In so many ways, David’s own demons have been used against him and that has allowed the nefarious parties at the heart of this story to get more of what they want — chaos and a sea of destruction. There’s likely even more of this to come in the finale, especially since David is almost the boy who cried wolf. Nobody seems to be particularly inclined to believe him and he’s going to run up against that.

Given that there are discussions already regarding a possible Bodyguard season 2, it’s fair to assume that David survives unless the series completely pivots and has an entirely new cast next season. If David does live, how does it happen? We’d love to see the writers craft a story in which he does get some vindication, but also realizes that he needs to step away and get some help. We want a positive ending not just for stopping the bad guys, but also for establishing David’s future — one where he realizes that if he wants to actually be a PPO in the future, he cannot continue to suffer from so much post-traumatic stress. This also would be a good message to send to others struggling with mental health: Self-care is more important than anything, and we’ve already seen plenty of David’s demons with it. There are still ways he can deal with it in a season 2 (you’re not stripping the show of drama); we would just like to see him be proactive along the way.

As there was never any guarantee of season 2, we’re not necessarily expecting a cliffhanger … though we do think that Jed Mercurio (the series’ writer) may have included a teaser as to what a season 2 could look like.

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