Blue Bloods season 9: Will Estes on Jamie, Eddie engagement, new dynamic

Blue Bloods season 9

Blue Bloods season 9 is premiering on CBS in one week’s time, and there are many things to be excited about. That’s especially in the event that you love Jamie and Eddie. Moving into the new season Jamko are now engaged, and that comes with its own exciting storylines, twists, and turns.

Yet, in the end, it doesn’t seem as though the series is planning to drastically change all that much even though the two characters are a couple. There will be little things that are different, but on other weeks, the two are going to go about their business as they often do. Blue Bloods is a show that doesn’t have a tendency to change things all that much from one week to the next, so you really cannot be all that shocked that they are continuing this same strategy here.

Speaking here via Newsweek, series star Will Estes had the following to say when it comes to the relationship between the two characters:

“A lot of times, we’re going to find both of them at work, where it’s literally our job to put any sort of relationship aside … Police work is oftentimes emergency work. It has to be something that’s completely set aside for the purposes of carrying out our duty, so it’s something we won’t always touch on.”

Meanwhile, Estes also had the following to say about another big development for the new season — Eddie joining the Reagan family dinner table for the first time:

“It’s a tough room for anybody to walk into as an actor, so I think Vanessa was perhaps nervous … I’m projecting, maybe, how I would feel if I was in her position. But I think she’s handled it beautifully and stepped in and ingratiated herself to the characters at the table without giving up any moxie or any of her own strength as well.”

What do you want to see when it comes to Jamie and Eddie on Blue Bloods season 9? Be sure to share right away in the attached comments!

(Photo: CBS.)

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