This Is Us season 3 preview: What lies ahead for Randall, Kate, and Kevin?

This Is Us season 3When NBC’s Emmy-nominated series This Is Us returns on September 25th, fans are going to enter a roller-coaster of a ride. EP Dan Fogelman reveals that this season will answer many questions from the past 2 seasons while throwing in new twists.

Where we left off

When fans last saw the Pearson family, they were celebrating Kate and Toby’s special day. In addition, kept envisioning Rebecca and Jack 40th wedding anniversary if he was still alive because she needed to resolve her grief for her father in order to make room for Toby in her heart. To make matters worse, they have to deal with Toby’s divorced parents who disapproved of the marriage for fear it would lead Toby to relapse into depression. In the end, she married Toby, however before Kate could walk down the aisle there were a few unexpected hurdles.

Kevin grieves over Jack and bonds with Beth’s cousin and wedding photographer (Zoe) during the wedding. While Randall and Beth must help Deja deal with the fact that her mother wants to terminate parental rights. Following a helpful conversation with Zoe, Deja feels better about her situation with the Pearson’s until Toby’s mother comments that Deja looks like Randall, resulting in Deja taking a bat to Randall’s car.

In the future, Kevin and Zoe head to Vietnam together, Kevin has spiraled into depression, and further into the future, Randall and adult Tess feel unprepared to see an unnamed female and neither is ready to do so.

Where we are going

So where is season 3 going to take us? Well from the spoilers out there about the show, fans are going to see how Jack and Rebecca’s first date went and the beginning of their relationship. Meanwhile, fans will also see Rebecca raising three college kids who are struggling with the death of their father.

EP Dan Fogelman also revealed that Season 3 is going to explore Jack’s time in Vietnam and his relationship with his brother, Nicky. Everything is going to revolve around Nicky because it is going to be a big part of Jack’s life and his future. In addition, Kevin and Zoe will be heading to Vietnam in the present. But for what? A vacation or to learn more about Jack and Nicky’s time there? While we don’t know the specifics we want to think that Kevin is dating Zoe, so this will also lead the way for some conflict between Kevin and Beth.

Now for Kate, the flash forward showed Toby dealing with depression, but Fogelman revealed that season 3 will see Kate and Toby also trying to start a family. So could this be the reason Toby spirals out of control? Maybe or quite possibly another twist could be thrown into the mix. If there’s one thing we know about this show it’s that anything could happen.

As for Randall, he and Beth will continue to help Deja, while fans will continue to receive hints as to who the “her” is that Randall and Tess weren’t ready to go see in the distant future.

Either way season 3 has great promise to be its most entertaining and heartbreaking season yet. So grab your tissue boxes because this Tuesday This Is Us returns.

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