America’s Got Talent finale results preview: Who will win season 13?

America's Got TalentThe America’s Got Talent finale is coming up on NBC tonight, and we have an interesting field of ten different performers in contention.

In the end though, only one can win, and over the course of this article, our objective is to simply narrow that down and talk about who we think are the real contenders based on what we saw last night, what we’ve seen all season, and also what we’ve seen from other acts in the past.

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We don’t really think that there’s any point in focusing on the acts who can’t win — there is no Dunkin’ Save, just like there are no acts who have a chance of sneaking their way into the next round. It’s all about who can win, and really we think that there are only four serious contenders in that.

Zurcaroh – They are the longshot of the four, but we just think that they’ve done an outstanding job every single time that we’ve seen them. They’ve never needed a Dunkin’ Save, and what they did last night was worth watching many times over. There were intricacies we saw in it last night that we simply hadn’t seen before.

Michael Ketterer – He performed last, he has a big following, and he probably appeals to a lot of people out there who are parents and relate to the person he is — he’s basically the good guy who appeals to Middle America. He’s probably a bigger threat than many even realize.

Courtney Hadwin – Either you love her or you don’t, but we do think that there are a number of people out there who do. She’s the most unique singer this season and she has potential to be a big star. It’s hard to really argue against her given the history of young singers doing well on this show.

Shin Lim – He’s our personal pick to win just because we’ve been mesmerized by everything that we’ve seen him do on the show over the years — yet, what he did last night was on another level and for those who’ve been wanting to see him do “bigger” magic, he did that last night while also staying true to his roots. We do think he’s the favorite of a lot of fans online, but we don’t know how well he translates to viewers who are only watching the show and not indulging online.

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