Ink Master season 11 episode 4: Who left for medical reasons?

Ink MasterInk Master season 11 episode 4 featured something that we don’t see everyday when it comes to this show: Someone leaving the show early.

This time around, it was a medical reason when we saw Oba Jackson of Team Christian Buckingham choose to pack it in. While he was in the house, he learned that being in the competition was putting his health in danger — he naturally has high blood pressure, and his medication was not controlling it as it often did at home. Basically, he was in danger of heart attack at any point.

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The decision for Oba to leave was seemingly not his own, as he mentioned that it was a the advice of the medical staff behind the scenes. (Hence, this is not him quitting — it doesn’t sound like he had a choice in the matter.) While it may not have been the easiest thing for him to do, it was certainly the right thing for him in the end. Christian and the rest of the team understood, knowing that he has to take care of himself and that long-term health is so much more important than a tattoo-based TV show.

What Oba’s departure reminds us of mostly is just that being a part on Ink Master is even harder than it seems on the surface. You have to deal with ridiculously long hours, knowing that every tattoo you do could impact your career, and also dealing with personalities very different from yourself. It’s a weird environment and it is incredibly stressful. We’ve seen this show take it’s toll on other artists in the past and it’s one of the reason s that we think that Ink Master is one of the most stressful, but also most rewarding, shows out there.

In the end, we hope that he’s doing okay, and we certainly feel for him having to go out like this after only such a short period of time into the season.

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