Mayans MC episode 3 review: Casino battle royale

Mayans MCAfter last week’s new episode featured a kidnapping, conflicting alliances, and a general sense of chaos, Mayans MC episode 3 tonight faced the challenge of trying to pick up a number of the pieces.

Let’s start things off with this: There isn’t necessarily resolution to any one thing at the moment, given that there are still so many different factions all working at the same time. The Mayans are still stuck in between the rebels and the cartel, with everyone having some element of concern over what’s happening at the border.

In some ways, it’s easy to want to root for the rebels given that they recognize the problems with the cartel; yet, at the same time their methods are off-kilter and certainly dangerous. There is a sympathy for some children here, but also a feeling that everything with this group is going to end in bloodshed. Adelita is fairly high atop our list of characters we can see dying this season, mostly due to the way in which she’s operating against so many larger forces.

Tonight certainly proved itself to be one of the most violent episodes! After all, we had shootings (RIP, member of the Chinese), EZ punching an off-duty cop in the face, and more evidence as to what happens to traitors. Some of the most notable moments of the night happened within the walls of a Native American casino — a place where the Mayans and some crooked supply officers can meet without there being any authority. The Mayans have a knack of working things out (even with law enforcement) to suit their agenda.

Within the meeting room the Mayans and the crooked cops talked things out and renegotiated the “shipment” that the Mayans are handling with them. They admitted that the Rebels have slowed things down for them somewhat. There was also a traitor in the midst, which is why we saw a bullet fired into the back of someone’s head.

Emily’s mission

She learned last week that Miguel was not exactly being honest with his eye-for-an-eye strategy for handling the rebels he was at war with. With that in mind, tonight she chose to take matters into her own hands. She traveled across the border with Galindo’s mother in hopes of getting some more answers. She tried to sell Emily on the idea that Galindo’s actions were not a sign necessarily of his disloyalty, but of things that he felt needed to be done.

Emily didn’t end up finding her son on her journey; yet, she came very close without even realizing it.

What we learned about the Galindo Cartel

Well, they mean business when it comes to bringing in new recruits, or at least making recruits think that there is an elaborate blood ritual needed to get them on board. Miguel showed with the cutting-the-hand scene that he is willing to be what he needs for any one person in order to get spies and soldiers.

Why all of this is important is that as it turns out, there’s a kid within the Rebels’ ranks now with a slash across his hand — there’s a possible mole situation here!

CarterMatt Verdict

Mayans MC episode 3 proved yet again that it can handle the weight of all of the stories that it is telling. There was a lot going on here, including Felipe being tracked (mostly because of Angel’s own double-dealing), Emily having to find a way to trust Miguel, and in the end, everyone doing what they can to stay afloat. EZ punching one of the cops at the casino was one of many signs in this episode of control and of characters needing to flex their muscles in order to really prove that things are done their way.

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