Better Call Saul season 4 episode 7 review: Better free Huell

Better Call Saul season 4Better Call Saul season 4 episode 7 proved to be, as a whole, a very entertaining affair — and also one with some Breaking Bad ties.

Let’s kick things off, here though, with what we think is the biggest surprise of the entire hour: The arrest of Huell, which happened after he put a beating on a plainclothes cop who was coming after Jimmy. Jimmy tried to do what he could in order to help his bodyguard-of-sorts, but there wasn’t really a whole lot he could do for him. His side business was already crumbling, and to go along with that, he had to figure out how to convince Kim to help.

This wasn’t easy, mostly because of the fact that Kim was already angry at Jimmy in the first place. Remember what happened at the meeting? That was a total disaster, given that he doesn’t know how to speak to corporate bigwigs or anyone Kim is working with. She wasn’t pleased to learn that Jimmy was hiding a side business under her nose, but she still promised to help Huell even with everything that was going on. After all, the punishment was excessive for what he did … but that doesn’t mean that she will be able to help.

We know that Kim has a plan but, at the moment, we don’t quite know what the execution of said plan was going to be.

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For starters, we’ve learned officially that the project Mike has been working on as of late is the construction of the infamous lab — that’s no surprise, and as cool as the montage was, it was actually fairly predictable. Still, if you love Breaking Bad and some of the tie-ins to that, you probably loved this. The same goes for if you love Gus Fring; you probably enjoyed him doing everything that he could in order to keep Hector Salamanca’s health from improving too much. It was a devious plot of his, and he was able to detect through some of Hector’s actions in the hospital.

CarterMatt Verdict

Better Call Saul season 4 episode 7 proved that Jimmy’s arrogance still has a knack of getting him in trouble, and we don’t really have any indication that he’s going to be able to stop himself from getting in trouble in the near future. This was a very entertaining hour with a few tie-ins to the past; beyond that, though, it’s becoming very clear that Jimmy and Kim are on the outs and there may not be a light on the other side of the horizon at all.

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