Lodge 49 episode 7 review: Wait, is that Bruce Campbell?

Lodge 49 episode 5Lodge 49 episode 7 found a way to end in what has to be one of the best cliffhangers of the entire summer — after all, they had Bruce Campbell in a hot tub in the middle of the desert!

We don’t know too much about Campbell’s character at the moment, other than that he seems to go by the name of Captain (or, Gary) and that he seems to have hired out Dud for some sort of temp work. He found himself sent out to the middle of the desert and as it turned out, this is where Ernie was directed, as well.

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This was not the easiest episode in the world for Ernie, as he found out that there was an imposter visiting the Lodge pretending to be the ambassador from overseas. As it turns out, the real one was delayed and upon his arrival, it was made clear that Larry Loomis was far from who he claimed to be. Basically, he’d been leeching off of the Lodge’s patrons for years, owed tons of money, and was really just trying to flee to Mexico before his death so that he could ensure he would not be charged with any crimes. The Lodge is now completely screwed, and it’s hard to see a situation in which the organization can be saved.

Can Bruce Campbell help? Well, he’s someone who could have some sort of answers for Ernie about something — whether it be with the Lodge or the alchemy aspect that has floated around the series. Surprisingly, we’ve learned that there are a number of people on this show who believe that they can create gold out of thin air. Ironically, gold is what Ernie needs at this point in order to save the Lodge.

As for Liz this week…

She’s actually on her way to some sort of a future with the Shamroxx corporate guy who first tried to recruit her for an executive gig. These two ended up kissing near the end of the episode, and they seem to actually enjoy each other’s company! Unfortunately, for Liz it doesn’t seem like she’ll be moving up the ladder at the company anymore. The moment that she realized that there would be a background check and she has a felony on her record, she fled. That really helps to explain why she feels so stuck in what is a dead-end job. She can’t wash away a mistake from her past.

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CarterMatt Verdict

There were a number of funny moments within this episode, including watching Ernie shoot Dud (not with lethal bullets, mind you) over him wrecking his house or seeing the imposter bolt the Lodge the moment the real representative from London arrived. This was a very funny episode at times, but also a meaningful one that started to give more insight into Liz and also put Ernie in a rather desperate place. It’s really up to him now to save the Lodge, if it can be saved.

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