The Last Ship season 5 episode 2 review: Danny’s terrible day

Last Ship season 5 posterThere was a lot of drama and action that went down on The Last Ship season 5 episode 2, but that’s especially true for Danny.

For most of the episode, the guy found himself tormented and traumatized at the hands of some very bad people, who really wanted nothing more than some endless suffering for him. These were people led by Gustavo, our obvious Big Bad who has been largely responsible for causing the global conflict that we’ve seen so far. There has been an uprising and for many other characters on the show, we’re mostly just seeing how they can stay afloat. Unfortunately for Danny, we don’t quite think that things are going to be altogether easier for him in the immediate future. Yet, he’s not turning back despite everything that happened to him. He understands that staying on the ground and continuing to fight is one of the only ways to thwart Gustavo once and for all.

Tonight’s episode, despite the loss of life (RIP, Danny’s old friend Pablo) and some of the suffering endured by many of the characters, was ultimately rather awesome. The Nathan James and the remainder of the Navy had to pull off some trickery in order to survive at sea, and after losing so many of their own in the attacks last week, were able to claim a victory — even if it was a fairly small one. Slattery figured out a new way to establish communication with Chandler and the rest of the Navy — through the words of Moby Dick. When there are limited options, sometimes you have to do whatever you can in order to keep lines of communication open.

At the moment, we’re left with the following message — “Fit for a fight” — and also some hope for the future. The Navy is still reeling, but at least a number of important men and women are still alive. They’ve got their plans but yet, they’re still up against one of the harshest threats they’ve faced so far. Gustavo has already proven himself to be rather adept at causing a wide array of problems for the Nathan James and, effectively, the entire crew.

CarterMatt Verdict

Two episodes into season 5 and it’s clear that The Last Ship has still got a heck of a lot going for it. This is a show that routinely challenges its characters and also isn’t afraid to put them through hell — you certainly got some examples of both tonight. It’s playing the long game and therefore doesn’t feel the need to hurry anything along with Gustavo and the complicated political climate — but it doesn’t need to. Give us interesting military tactics and great heroes on the ground and we’re going to be happy.

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