Blue Bloods season 9: New Jamie – Eddie dinner table photo and more

Blue Bloods season 9

With Blue Bloods season 9 coming up on CBS in just two weeks, it is pretty clear at the moment that there’s a lot to be excited about. Take, for starters, the opportunity to see a great deal more of Jamie and Eddie together!

Obviously, we will see the on-the-job component of them together, where you are going to continue to see them do what they do best – take the bad guys off the streets. There is a cognizance with the two of them that the job hasn’t changed all that much, even if the status of their relationship has. We have heard that they will be working in a more dangerous precinct and that should pose new challenges. Otherwise, they are the same people and that part of the dynamic hasn’t changed all that much.

Personally, the photo (via Entertainment Weekly) is further proof that Eddie is going to be so much more of a  permanent family dinner table staple than ever before. Hopefully, this means that there won’t be any episodes where Vanessa Ray is completely MIA like we’ve seen in the past. While we have seen some stories here and there where we don’t see Jamie anywhere near as much, you do at least get a chance to see him when the family dinner scenes roll around.

While we do think that Jamko are going to eventually build towards that next big step in their relationship, there will be some bumps in the road and some expectations that don’t pan out like anyone planned. While speaking to the aforementioned website, Ray noted one of the misconceptions that Eddie may have when she first starts to live life as an engaged person: “Like anybody in a relationship, you think, ‘Nothing’s going to change, right?'” It’s an easy preconceived notion to have, given that the two have worked together for so long that you would assume that nothing would be different. Yet things do shift when you become engaged and start to move towards an even bigger, life long commitment.

What do you want to see for Jamie and Eddie, both on and off the job, this season? Share below!

(Photo: CBS.)

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