Julie Chen calls herself Julie Chen-Moonves at end of Big Brother 20

Big Brother 20Throughout most of the week, Julie Chen has been very quiet about her husband Les Moonves’ exit from CBS. Tonight, she spoke out in a very brief way and with a simple change to her name.

At the conclusion of Thursday’s Big Brother 20Julie signed off by referring to herself as Julie Chen-Moonves, the first time in which she’s done it that we can possibly remember. She has not appeared on The Talk all week, which is where she would have been forced most likely to discuss the exit of Moonves from the network after allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse in the workplace. She stood by her husband in a statement after the first round of accusations, but this time waited until tonight in order to make this statement.

The decision to return to Big Brother tonight was likely one she made knowing that it would be a different, lighthearted environment. While the audience is aware of the news of the week, the house is not. Brett, who was evicted tonight and was sitting there when Julie said it, likely thought nothing of it.

As for whether or not Chen chooses to say something more on the subject of Moonves’ future this week remains to be seen, but we don’t see any signals that she is looking to leave her Big Brother post. As a matter of fact, she told CarterMatt at the start of the summer that she had no intention of ever departing the series. That was obviously a different time before all of the headlines, but it shows the amount of love that she has for this particular job. We imagine that Julie’s future is really going to be up to whatever she wants to do, but her message tonight, at least in terms of her husband, was clear.

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