Big Brother 20 episode 34 review: The return of BB Comics

Big brother 20
Tonight, Big Brother 20 episode 34 will be bringing you the big return of BB Comics, something that admittedly is a personal favorite of ours. It’s silly, it’s over the top, and we have a chance to see what America/production/comic-book designers think about some of the houseguests.

Before we get to the humor of the evening, though, we did get some updates from home! There were some sweet moments in here, including Kaycee’s father calling her peanut and Tyler getting teary-eyed over seeing his moment. JC also opened up in the confessional about not getting to see his family. Also, how did Haleigh’s family get that cat to sit still for so long?

Now, let’s get to BB Comics and some of the ridiculousness that we had here. Some of these were pretty funny, including Faysal as the Hamazonian and production making these people really think that Steve actually was a mechanic. It was slightly different than in years past, though, mostly because of the fact that there was less of people going along the zipline. This was still fun! Also, Kaycee was a complete monster in this, scoring one of the most-impressive times we’ve ever seen in a competition like this. We don’t know if she was just throwing stuff early but this is her third straight Veto and her fifth overall comp win, when you include the Hacker.

Basically, what Haleigh losing means is that she is almost certainly going home, even if there was some brief conversation about JC being a target.

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Overall, the presence of BB Comics and then also some of the messages from home made this a fun episode, or at least as fun as it can be given that this was a pretty predictable outcome. With Haleigh going home, though, we can start to see the remainder of the house start to get a little bit more exciting moving forward.

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